Life insurance on “Capital” Program

“Capital” Life Insurance product provides the best option to increase profits of a person to be insured with privileges under endowment insurance products. This insurance product first creates a chance to get compliant exemption from income tax deducted from the salary and social security payment, respectively in accordance with Tax Code of Azerbaijan Republic and Law of Azerbaijan Republic on Social Security. Both the employer and the employee might benefit from this assignment. In addition to accumulation, “Qala Life” Insurance Company provides an opportunity to be insured against death or I group disability caused by any accident through this product.

Thus, Capital Insurance product helps you to accumulate your capital, insure your life against risks from unpredictable accidents, and step towards more profitable future through application of bonus program on accumulated amount.

“Capital” life endowment insurance is applicable during 24 hours per day in all over the world.

You can make any calculation on Capital Program and credit line by means of below shown calculator.

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