Critical illness insurance

The idea about critical illness insurance has been stroke out in order provide necessary support for successful treatment of life-threatening diseases which more than 70% of world population suffer from.

The group of diseases covered under Life insurance product against critical illnesses is listed below:


·Cardiac infarction


·Renal failure

·Aorta coronary by-pass surgery

·Transplantation of vital organs

Nowadays, modern medicine has got enough achievements in the field of diagnosis and treatment of these diseases observed at early stage.

However, it is inevitable that treatment expenses should be paid and the patient is not able to earn money for a long time as a result of above listed illnesses. This type of insurance may avoid serious financial problems and provide suitable opportunity in order to recover from illnesses.

Critical illness insurance neither replaces nor repeats medical insurance. Meanwhile, we would like to mention that, in case of insurance accident, it is not required to submit any report about expenses spent from insurance payment to the insured or any additional document which confirms health in the view to award insurance policy.

It is to note that, this product is applicable in all over the world during 24 hours per day.

You can make any calculation on Critical illness insurance by means of below shown calculator.

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