Child endowment insurance

Everybody wishes to witness happy and prosperous days of him or his family while he is alive and does his best to achieve it. We all desire to have reliable, solicitous environment, and highly secured future. Now it is possible to ensure guaranteed endowment in the view to support future life of your family members or even children.

Child endowment insurance is based on these wishes and is granted to sole discretion of parents. This type of endowment insurance is a direct mean to accumulate saving for the future of your child by insuring your life. Each parent wants to support his child. However, it should be taken into account that, not every wish might become true. Meanwhile, Child endowment insurance covers both life insurance against any unexpected accidents which might happen in parent’s life and accumulation of savings for his child. Consequently, the parent acquires a guarantee to get the savings accumulated by him for his child in any case (survival, disability, and death) after insurance policy expires.

Furthermore, “Qala Life” insurance Company applies bonus program on the amount to be accumulated. Child endowment insurance is applicable during 24 hours per day in all over the world.

You can make any calculation on child endowment insurance by means of below shown calculator.

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