““Qala Life” Insurance Company OJSC has commenced operation to propose life insurance for Azerbaijan people in 30 november 2010. “Qala Life” is the first insurance company that received termless license in 29 july 2013The establishment of the company concurred to the eve of signing the Law of Azerbaijan Republic on Compulsory Insurance in case of professional disability as a result of industrial accidents and professional diseases”, which is aimed on social security of Azerbaijan citizen.

Life insurance considers the insurer to pay the certain insurance amount to the Insured or his legal heir in case of death or disability as a result of industrial accidents and professional diseases”. “Qala Life” Insurance Company OJSC is a life insurance company with AZN 12 870 000 charter capital and according to the assets, its main shareholder is ”AzRe Re-insurance” JSC, the largest insurance agency in the country.

“Qala Life” Insurance Company OJSC has entered insurance market with a large charter capital and its main target is to serve Azerbaijan people with reliable insurance products. Life insurance is considered as one of the most important social rights for working group of people in every developed state of the world. Azerbaijan Republic, which has gained great reputation and is developing rapidly in post soviet zone for economic indicators and implementing large regional projects, pays great attention on protection of main social rights of people. In this regard, Law on compulsory insurance in case of professional disability as a result of industrial accidents and professional diseases, which is addressed to social security of people, was signed. Main activity field of “Qala Life” Insurance Company OJSC is to provide reliable and sustainable service to the people through presenting life insurance packages.

At present our company is providing life insurance services. It proposes insurance products for voluntary and compulsory insurance.


Since the date of establishment, “Qala Life” Insurance Company OJSC has built its activity on international management system and standards ensuring high quality service, and has a team of professionals with experiences in insurance field. The company constructs its activity on individual customer approach and principles considering their interests. We are focusing on serving different level of population with our products and services seeking for customer’s trust 

6 reasons to choose our company

we are specialized company in our field of activity

we approach each customer individually

we compromise

we provide easy terms of payment for customers

our founder is “AzRe Reinsurance”, the largest company in the field of re-insurance

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