Managment board

  • Chairman of The Board of Directors: Kamal Mirsahib İbrahimov
  • Deputy chairman of the The Board of Directors: Aydin Samad Rahmanov
  • Member of The Board of Directors: Aynur Aziz Bayramli
  • Temporary acting the management board: Alizade Azar
  • Deputy chairman of the Management Board: Hasanov Natiq
  • Head of underwritting and reinsurance department/ Member of the Management Board: Savelyeva Tatyana
  • Chairman of the inspection comission: Hummatov Polad
  • Member of the inspection comission: Haciyev Elmar
  • Chief of the internal audit service: Seyfulla Intiqam
  • Chief Accountant: Hasanaliyev Tural

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